Gandhi — The Alternative to Violence

Author(s): Carlos G Valles
Book Weight: 190.00 (Gram)
Category: Biographies
ISBN(13): 9788172294458

About The Book

Carlos G. Vallés was born in Spain in 1925, joined the Jesuits in Loyola at 15, and came as a missionary to India at 24. He took his M.A. degree in mathematics in Chennai, studied theology leading to the priesthood ordination in Pune, and resided for 40 years in Ahmedabad. He there thought mathematics at St Xavier’s College and Gujarat University, learned the Gujarati language, wrote and published more than a hundred books in that language, and obtained the Ranjitram Gold Medal in 1978. He also was awarded the Kumar price (1966) for his articles in newspapers and magazines, the Kalelkar award (1995) for his contribution to Gujarati culture, and the Radhakrishna Jaydalal Award (1997) for his work towards the universal harmony of all religions. For many years in Ahmedabad he lived as a wandering guest from house to house among families, a week in each house, in an authentic ‘viharyatra’. He went back to Spain in 1990 and now he resides in Madrid where he continues with his literary activities. He has his own web site which he updates every fifteen days.