Anubandh – Building Hundred-Mile Communities

Author(s): Ela Bhatt
Book Weight: 200.00 (Gram)
ISBN(13): 9788172296759

About The Book

This book is an appeal for building holistic and mutually beneficial communities that are mindful of the impact that our acts of daily living have on the land, and on the people. It is my belief that if the six basic needs of daily life—food, clothing, housing, health, education, and banking can largely be met with locally, within a hundred-mile radius, people will find diverse, innovative solutions to the problems of poverty, exploitation, and environmental degradation. The reduced distance between the consumer and producer, and the producer and raw materials will empower the people to begin the process of restoring economic and political balance in the world. This is but one possible solution to the troubles of the world around us. My hope is that our sense of anubandh will guide us towards a path of communities that are local, sustainable, and in harmony with the natural environment. Perhaps each of our 100-mile communities will be linked one day to give us a world without hunger, poverty, exploitation or environmental degradation. As our 100-mile communities spread, grow, and overlap like oceanic circles, they will create peaceful relationships worldwide. That is the world we can build; as individuals, as a family, as a society, and as spirits embracing all creation.